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“Reality & Beyond” by Mixed Palette
“Reality & Beyond” by Mixed Palette
29-Mar-2013 - 25-Apr-2013 


Mixed Palette

The artists in this exhibition include:     

     Harald Korte,

                             Ron Todero,

                             Mai Maddisson,

                             Anita Bye, &

                             Manwel Cassar.

Mixed Palette is a dynamic group where the artists stay put. It is their paintings that create the infinite dynamics, which they prize.

The group was formed thirteen years ago, when the art powers-that-be in Melbourne yet again challenged the notion of non-traditional painting. And of course the non-powers met the challenge.

Two of the original group’s members took a rational look at the situation. The ultimate proof of validity of any painting style lay in society’s response to such paintings. They evolved the notion of a painting exhibition with a large number of known non-traditional artists participating. Mixed Palette was thus born thirteen years ago.

Their first exhibition in 2001 was a huge success as have been the five that followed.

Not all members are participating in the current exhibition at MAD Gallery, but we hope that you will find something meaningful in our paintings to take away with you.

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