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Meet GRAEME MOORE - 'Ned Kelly Artist'
Meet GRAEME MOORE - 'Ned Kelly Artist'
21-Mar-2010 - 21-Mar-2010 01.00 pm - 04.00 pm
Meet the Artist


Ned Kelly and Other Paintings

Now I am Graeme Moore the artist!  I grew up in the rough and tumble area of Broadmeadows, where my persona became indicative of working class and broken family lives.  I think that I was a gifted pencil drawer, although I had  no training in art or painting.

Early on I became embroiled in crime; my young life  developed from vandalism with spray cans to serious assaults for which I was incarcerated at the early age of 15.  I eventually spent 26 years in prison, with only nine months of freedom during those 26 years.

In the last year of my sentence, in 2007, a fellow koori prisoner left me some canvas and paints so I decided to try my hand at painting.  I was in solitary confinement at the time and no visual stimulation or motivation, I had little opportunity to give expression to my art.  So I developed what I called “Abstract Recollection”, which was a technique of recalling a memory or a picture, story, or anything that I had read.  One example was as the Jerilderie Letter,  hence Ned Kelly became a popular figure in a lot of my art.

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