Ingrid van der Molen

About the artist: I have always had an active interest in the arts and crafts.
Since 1976 my working life has been focussed around providing arts programs for people with disabilities and the elderly in the community. Between 1985 (when my daughter was born and 1994 the main focus involved producing ceramic sculptures for the purpose of sale from a Pottery Studio in collaboration with my then partner John Bexley
In 1989 I participated in facilitating integrated arts programs from Goonawarra house in Sunbury.
In 1996 I completed module 7 Researching and Resourcing Arts Projects via Arts Access.
In 1996 I completed module 11 Researching and Resourcing an Arts Project.
In 1999 I enrolled in Design part‑time at Victoria University .(under tuition of Carmel Taig).
In 2000 I participated in the Artways project at Footscray community Arts Centre (under tuition of Robert Mangyan) and gained a Certificate.
In 2001 took part in agroup exhibition at Gabrielle Gallery Footscray.
I have continued to develop life drawing skills, oil painting and mixed media and have continued to work as an instructor with a focus on facilitating arts programs for people with disabilities. Through my position as arts instructor I have participated in the presentation of three biannual exhibitions of the work of artists with disabilities from Sunbury and surrounding areas.
In August 2005 1 was presented with the Drawing Award, an acquisitive prize for drawing and mixed media life drawing, by Fiona Orr at the Woodend Art Group.
Recently 1 have been able to spend some dedicated time establishing my Arts practise (during long service leave). This period has been very productive and 1 have had the opportunity to explore old and new ideas in oil painting, mixed media, life drawing sculpture, ceramics and linocut.
I have focussed on life drawing and rock landscape inspired by Hanging Rock; I am still developing the technique of 'encaustic' in oil paintings, I have a fascination with the surfaces and textures that can be produced with this method. I am also producing some work employing chiaroscuro, (working from dark to light). This is also opening up lots of new possibilities.
1 gain a lot of satisfaction during the process of ‘making' ;whether it's life drawing ;which enables me to express the immediacy of the presence of the model, or working with a medium such as oil paint and wax. Being open to the unexpected, or the little accidents that lead to new discoveries in the medium!
The experience of setting up my first solo exhibition at Mad Gallery with the support provided by John and Gemma Nightingale has assisted me in building up quite a significant body of work, which I plan to draw from in setting up exhibitions in the future.

The journey of discovery through art has led me to meeting some wonderful people, forging new friendships and continuing to learn about life and all of its many facets.

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